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The 2022 legislative session kicked off on Tuesday and boy, did they hit the ground running! By Wednesday, two controversial bills, one regarding firearm licensing and the other regarding school curriculum transparency, were already having a hearing. By Thursday, a bill regarding COVID-19 vaccination requirements was well on its way to the full House chamber for a vote before being sent to the Senate. 

Needless to say, this "short session" (meaning it will wrap up in mid-March) is going to be quite a fast session! I will need all your help I can get to be able to tell legislators to keep children and families a priority when they vote on these bills.

Read below to learn more about what we have been tracking at the Statehouse along with some opportunities for you to take action and make sure legislators hear from you!

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Gov. Holcomb's 2022 Next Level Agenda

On Monday, Governor Holcomb released his public policy priorities for 2022 in his "Next Level Agenda." The agenda focuses on his desire to strengthen the state's economy and focusing on areas that support growth including workforce training expansion, improving early childhood education efforts (which MCCOY loves to see!), advancing infrasturcture projects, and increasing access to public health services. Click below to read the full agenda and watch Governor Holcomb's press conference.

School curriculum transparency

On Wednesday, the Senate committee on Education and Career Development heard hours of testimony on the controversial SB167, "Education Matters."  If passed into law, this bill would require all teachers to post their curriculum online for public viewing, teachers would have to have lesson plans approved by an advisory committee, critical programs that include social emotional learning will be cut, and teachers will feel censored for teaching subjects regarding race and the history of race relations in the US for fear of repercussions. 

MCCOY opposes this bill and will continue to fight alongside other education advocates to make sure critical programs are not cut from Hoosier curriculum and that our teachers feel supported and trusted when educating the young people of our state.

Read more about the hearing here

A companion piece of legislation in the House chamber, HB 1134, "Education Matters," has also been introduced and will be heard before the House Committee on Education THIS MONDAY, January 10th at 8:30 am in the House Chamber. Once again, we expect a full day of testimony from opponents and supporters of the bill. SEL4IN is has put together an action alert for individuals to easily contact their legislators in the Indiana House of Representatives. Please contact your legislator TODAY by clicking on the link below. In just a couple clicks, you can easily let them know that this bill is bad for Hoosier students and educators. 

gun licensing in Indiana

Another controversial bill that received a hearing on Wednesday afternoon was HB1077, "Firearms matters."  If passed into law, this bill would repeal the law that requires a person to obtain a license to carry a firearm in Indiana.  

This would allow anyone previously prohibited, to carry loaded, concealed handguns in public.  It would allow people -- violent and certain weapons offenders, among others -- to carry loaded handguns in public without a background check. 

Repealing the permitting requirement is irresponsible, reckless, and has increased gun violence in other states that have tried it. We need solutions to Indiana’s gun violence crisis, not policies that exacerbate it.

This bill passed the committee with a vote of 9-3 and is now going to be sent to the full House chamber for a vote. We need you to act NOW and let your House Representative know that we need solutions to Indiana's gun violence crisis-- not policies that exacerbate it! Ask them to vote NO on HB1077 when it comes to the floor for a vote. Click on the link below to send your representative an email in the click of a few buttons! 

Mark your calendars: upcoming committee hearings we will be watching!

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