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Another week has passed and more and more bills are moving their way closer to becoming law-- some good, and some bad. What keeps me motivated, however, is seeing advocates like YOU taking action and asking our legislators to oppose the bad bills and support the good bills that are moving through the Statehouse. 

With about two weeks left of the "first half" of the Indiana legislature, we must keep this momentum going! Several bills are well on their way past the half-way mark and are being sent to the second chamber for review. Read below to see what else is going on at the Statehouse as well as a chance to learn more about MCCOY's "Great Wall of Legislation" that we have put together to serve as an educational tool to use throughout this year's legislative session.

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School curriculum transparency

The debate on school transparency and culturally responsive curriculum continued this past week at the Statehouse, this time during the House committee on Education hearing discussing HB 1134, "Education Matters," which took place over the course of two days, first on Monday the 10th, and again on Wednesday the 12th. 

After hearing testimony, legislators passed amendments that would roll back some of the language in the bill and make some clarifications. Click here to learn more about the amendments to HB 1134. 

MCCOY continues to oppose this bill along with SB 167, "Education Matters." We want to make sure critical programs are not cut from Hoosier curriculum, lessons are not diluted about the true history of our country, and that our teachers feel supported and trusted when educating the young people of our state.

gun licensing in Indiana

HB1077, "Firearms matters" passed through the full House chamber on Wednesday with a vote of 64-29 and has now been referred to the Senate for review.  If passed into law, this bill would repeal the law that requires a person to obtain a license to carry a firearm in Indiana.  

Repealing the permitting requirement is irresponsible, reckless, and has increased gun violence in other states that have tried it. We need solutions to Indiana’s gun violence crisis, not policies that exacerbate it.

We need you to act once again and this time let your State Senator know that we need solutions to Indiana's gun violence crisis-- not policies that exacerbate it! Ask them to vote NO on HB1077 when it comes to the floor for a vote. Click on the link below for a second chance to send your State Senator an email about this bill in the click of a few buttons! 

Payday lending reform

As a member of Hoosiers for Responsible Lending, MCCOY applauds Senator Ron Alting for introducing SB 253, "Small Loan Finance Charges" and Representative Carey Hamilton for introducing HB 1159, also named "Small Loan Finance Charges."  If passed into law, these bills will cap the annual percentage rate (APR) at 36 percent on payday loans in Indiana.

The predatory lending industry targets Hoosier families who are struggling to get by-- when families struggle with unending debt, children feel that struggle. MCCOY supports these bills because they will prevent families from falling prey to this industry and ending up in a deeper and deeper financial hole.

School boards

On Tuesday, HB 1182, "School Board Elections," was discussed in the House committee on Elections and apportionment. If passed into law, this bill would require candidates running for school boards to identify as Republican, Democrat, or Independent on the ballot.  

Every advocate testifying on the bill on Tuesday opposed the bill, and that included many school board members themselves as well as the Indiana School Boards Association. The bill is currently being held.

MCCOY strongly opposes this bill and any others that attempt to politicize school boards. Those elected to serve on school boards should do so without inserting partisanship in how schools are governed. 

Follow MCCOY's "Great Wall of Legislation"

I decided this year to put together a "wall" that would serve as an educational tool so I can show MCCOY supporters where different bills are in the process of becoming a law in Indiana. You can read about in here where it was featured in the Indy Star last month. This visual tool will give a good idea of the kind of movement we see at the Statehouse, as well as display just how few bills make it past the "legislative finish line" in comparison to how many are introduced at the beginning of session.  

Every week, I will post a new picture of the current state of "The Wall" so you can see the bills (in the form of sticky notes) move through the process and eventually either be signed by the Governor into law, or end up in our "legislative graveyard." Click on the button below to watch a quick video explaining a little more! 

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