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The second half of the legislative session begins on Monday and advocates across the state are gearing up for an eventful second half of session, in particular to work to defeat HB 1134, "Education Matters". This is an extremely harmful bill that will chill educators' ability to teach, and harm all students, but particularly, students of color, whose history may be all but erased from their learning environment because it could cause “discomfort” to their peers. Click here to see a fact sheet about what HB1134 threatens to do.

HB 1134 has been introduced in the Senate and referred to the Senate Committee on Education and Career Development.

With that, welcome to a special edition of the Statehouse Sound-Off, updating you on what action has already happened, and what you can do to help us defeat HB1134.

 Thank you for your continued support and stay warm this weekend!


ISTA Pack the House

Thanks to your advocacy from teachers, students, and allies across the state, we have seen progress in the fight against the divisive and unnecessary bill, HB 1134. Awareness of the bill and its impact on students and educators is building and we need to keep up the pressure on Indiana state senators.

To do this, ISTA is calling on members and supporters to help Pack the House over the next two weeks, with hopes of having at least 200 members and supporters in the halls of the State House each day. 

ISTA’s Pack the House events will be held each day from Feb. 7 – 10 and Feb. 14 – 17. Members and allies will be informed of the latest legislation information and gather at the statehouse to meet with legislators and be seen – all to ensure the defeat HB 1134, and any other legislation harmful to students or the teaching profession.  

ACT NOW! (and tell your friends to take action, too!)

In just a few clicks, you can send emails to key legislators at the Indiana State House to tell them to vote NO on HB 1134. 

Have you already done it? Thanks!

Can you do it again? YES, PLEASE! 

This action page changes regularly to ensure your emails are sent to the legislators that will be taking key actions on deciding if this bill will move forward or not. So even if you have filled it out before, you can take action again, to send a message to new legislators (and in some cases, remind legislators you have already contacted) that you continue to remain opposed to this bill! Please share the link with your network, too, so that others can also take action!

MCCOY Press Conference

MCCOY was proud to host a press conference on Tuesday morning to discuss our continued opposition to HB 1134 as it moves through the State House. We heard powerful remarks from teachers, students, parents, and community stakeholders. This legislation, if enacted, would be extremely harmful to schools, teachers and students. It would be a step backwards for the efforts and existing legislation that has focused on more inclusive and equitable schools.

Click here to read more about what was said. You can watch the full conference by clicking on the link below!

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