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The second half of session continued this week with committee hearings and further movement on bills through the second chamber. 

Our advocacy efforts to oppose HB1134 and support Hoosier educators and students continue. HB 1134, "Education Matters," has been referred to the Senate Committee on Education and Career Development. We are expecting it to receive a committee hearing on Wednesday, February 16th, so because of that, we are joining many other education advocates from across the State to be present at the Statehouse to show our opposition to HB1134. 

We hope you can join us, which is why we are hosting a "MCCOY Day at the Statehouse," where you can join me, other MCCOY staff, MCCOY board members, and MCCOY supporters at the Indiana Statehouse to advocate against HB1134. This will allow you a chance to be in the room where these important decisions are being made, and share your thoughts, first hand, with legislators. I hope you will consider joining us and especially consider providing testimony during the committee hearing yourself! Click on the link below to let me know you are interested in joining, and I will follow up with you personally with more information on how you can help us at the Statehouse!



HB1134 in the news

This dangerous bill has been in the news quite a bit with educators and education leaders showing their continued opposition to the bill. I encourage you to read their stories:

OP-ED: HB1134 is disheartening, but we will not be intimidated: an opinion piece from 27 Hoosier educators.

OP-ED: 'Parental Control Bills' take aim at teachers like me: an opinion piece from a teacehr at Central High School in Evansville, IN.

OP-ED: Education Bill caters to small percentage of parents: an opinion piece written by Tony Lux, a retired superintendent of Merrillville Schools, board member of NWI Coalition for Public Schools and Indiana Coalition for Public Schools.

Trans Youth

On Wednesday,  members of the Senate Committee on Education and Career Development heard HB1041, "Participation in School Sports." If passed, this bill will prohibit transgendered girls from participating in a girls' sport. Excluding trans students from participation deprives them of opportunities available to their peers and sends the message that they are not worthy of the same things that their non-trans friends are. MCCOY provided written testimony in opposition.

HB1041 has been held in committee and we expect further committee action to take place in the next two weeks. Click on the link below to tell key legislators in the Senate to vote NO on HB1041.

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