Hi, friend!

I hope you are having a good week. I know typically you get my emails on Fridays, but I have some important and time-sensitive legislative updates for you!

Here's the great news:

HB1134 was not called for its second reading before the full Senate before the deadline and the bill is now marked as DEAD! 

We want to send our absolute gratitude for all of the thousands of advocates who took action to tell legislators that this bill was bad for Indiana. Click here to read more.

BUT the bad ideas from the bill are still alive and legislators are considering inserting some of the parts from HB1134 into other pieces of legislation that are still alive during the last phase of the session known as conference committees. Click here to learn more about this possibility.

MCCOY is working with other education advocates from around the state to keep a close eye on the bills that are moving through conference committees now to make sure that no parts of HB1134 are amended into existing bills. 

While we monitor legislation in these last days of the 2022 legislative session, we need your help! Click on the button below to easily ask key lawmakers to commit to opposing any conference committee report that includes the bad ideas from HB 1134.


Thanks for your continued support!

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