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We are just about halfway through the 2023 legislative session! Monday the 27th is the deadline for House bills to pass their third reading, and Tuesday the 28th is the deadline for Senate bills to pass their third reading. If bills have not passed that point by those deadlines, then they will die. 

This week was a busy one, with legislators hearing bills before the committee report deadlines went into affect. MCCOY was proud to go to the Statehouse on Monday morning to join other advocates in fighting to protect LGBTQ rights by opposing SB1608. On Tuesday, we enjoyed taking students from the Mayor's Youth Leadership Council to the Statehouse to show them legislators and advocates in action

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2023 State of the Child

March 15th 8:30-10:00am

Join our friends at the Indiana Youth Institute for the 2023 State of the Child presentation at the Indiana Statehouse. Learn about the key data on Hoosier youth well-being from the newly released Indiana Youth Institute 2023 Indiana KIDS COUNT® Data Book.

IYI's 2023 KIDS COUNT® Data Book examines the overall well-being of Indiana kids, including the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and continuation of racial and ethnic disparities in outcomes across four domains, Family & Community, Health, Economic Well-Being, and Education. 

The event will also be webcast live from the Senate Chamber.


Indiana's State Budget

The Indiana House Republicans released their 2023 budget proposal late last week which would increase funding for K-12 schools while expanding the private school voucher program. It also pulls back on major investments in public and mental health that were recommended by Gov. Holcomb. The House has proposed to increase K-12 spending by 8.5% in the first year in order to help schools keep up with inflation and to meet Holcomb’s recommendation of covering textbook and curricular fees. The budget would also expand on Indiana’s private school vouchers by eliminating all requirements for participating in the program, except for income limits.

The proposed public health budget increase would provide $75 million in the first year and $150 million in the second year to improve county health departments: less than half the amount that Gov. Eric Holcomb’s public health commission recommends.

LGBTQ+ Restrictions

HB 1608, known as Indiana’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill, passed out of the House of Representatives (65-29) on Thursday. Two amendments passed earlier this week that transformed the bill: One omitted the language about sexual orientation and gender identity and instead focused on not allowing schools to teach sexual education in grades kindergarten through third grade; The other prohibits teachers from calling trans or non-binary students by their preferred names or pronouns without written permission from their parents, as well as require schools to inform parents if their child requests a name change. MCCOY opposes HB1608 because it would censor discussions about LGBTQ people in schools and force teachers to "out" trans or non-binary students without their consent, risking their safety. Read more about HB1608 here.

SB 480 passed 8-3 out of the Health and Provider Services committee on Wednesday. If passed, the bill would continue to allow children to access mental health services, but it would prohibit access to any sort of medical or surgical treatment for transgender youth including puberty blockers, hormone therapy or gender-affirming surgery. Supporters of the bill argue that children cannot comprehend the permanency of these decisions. Opponents of the bill, including several trans Hoosier youth and their parents, said that medical care has saved their lives, and denying that care would increase suicide rates among the LGBTQ+ population. MCCOY opposes SB 480 because experts agree that gender-affirming care is lifesaving healthcare. Read more about SB480 here.

Click on the link below to join us and our friends at the ACLU of Indiana to tell legislators to protect LGBTQ youth and oppose HB1608 and SB480.

Medicaid Eligibility for Lawfully Residing Immigrants

SB376, "Lawfully Residing Immigrants and Eligibility" passed out of the Senate Appropriations committee on Thursday morning and is now on its way to the full Senate chamber. If passed, this bill would allow approximately 6,600 children and pregnant women to access healthcare coverage that would otherwise be withheld for up to five years. This Medicaid insurance would be accessible to immigrants and pregnant women who are lawfully residing in Indiana. 

MCCOY supports this bill because it would close a large gap in accessing necessary care for children and parents. This is a step in the right direction, and we hope to one day see affordable health care accessible for all people living in our state.


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