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It is officially "halftime" at the Indiana State House. By this upcoming Wednesday, any bills that do not pass out of the House or Senate, depending on their original chamber of origin, won't be "making it to the play-offs this year." Though some good bills will die at this point, our fight for the remaining good ones will continue!  

We also want to address an unfortunate event that took place yesterday on the State House floor when lawmakers got into a heated and emotional debate regarding a school-districting bill that some see as discriminatory. You can read more about what happened here and here

Respect, active listening, and decency are necessary, deserved components when discussing legislation that help our state's most vulnerable people. What happened at the Indiana Statehouse yesterday was a divisive, abhorrent display of inappropriate behavior by many of our lawmakers, and Hoosiers are worthy of so much more than heckling from those we elected to their current positions of leadership. MCCOY will continue to advocate for legislation that is anti-racist and it is our hope that legislators will consider the racial implications of the bills that they introduce and the legislation that they pass.

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School funding

While we at MCCOY appreciate any increases to Indiana's education budget, we grow frustrated because Indiana lawmakers have prioritized across-the-board increases for schools over equitable support for disadvantaged students. The current Indiana proposed Education budget favors budget strategies that buoy more affluent districts while higher-poverty schools say they’re left without enough resources to serve disadvantaged students. 

MCCOY's President, John Brandon, submitted a letter to the editor yesterday, stating that investing in the education of ALL students is the insurance premium we pay as citizens of this state and community to make sure our children don’t have to worry about the future but can instead be focused on building it. Legislators need to help ensure ALL Hoosier students get equitable support through equitable school funding and stop reducing funding to the schools who need the most added support.

Parents with disabilities

On Monday morning, SB 259, "Parents with disabilities" passed unanimously out of the Senate Committee on  Family and Children Services. Six additional senators, representing both parties, have also signed on to this bill as co-authors. If passed, this bill will reinforce much needed protections for parents with disabilities, recognize the importance of family and children, and support parenting rights for all caring parents regardless of their ability. 

MCCOY submitted written testimony in support of this bill on Monday morning which was included in the official record. We believe in the importance and strength of families and that all caring parents, regardless of their disability, should be free from parenting discrimination.  

Landlord and Tenant rights

Last week, the House joined the Senate in overriding Governor Holcomb's veto of SEA148, which prohibits Indianapolis from regulating relationships between tenants and landlords. SEA 148 overrides Indianapolis rental reforms that were originally made to hold bad landlords accountable for poor rental practices and for leaving tenants in deplorable living conditions. Read more about the origins of the reforms here.

This law goes into effect immediately and can expand the process for expedited evictions, which can lead to greater homelessness, instability, and harmful health and societal outcomes. MCCOY is disappointed that the Indiana Legislature has voted to move forward with passing SEA148 into law because it leaves renters without necessary protections from bad landlords and bad rental practices. We will continue to join our fellow fair housing advocates to fight for Hoosier children and families to have access to safe and affordable housing.


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