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This past week was a busy one at the State House. I am asking you to please consider taking action TODAY on two different Juvenile Justice Bills that are up for discussion and passage this upcoming week! 

Curious about learning more about Indiana Youth in the Justice System? Click here to learn more!

Read below to see how you can take action to support children who interact with the justice system. Please share this information widely throughout your networks! Hoosier children need all of your help! 

Thank you for your continued help for advocating for Hoosier youth! 


Direct file to adult court- ACT NOW!

HB 1256- "Juvenile Court Jurisdiction" is was heard in the Senate Committee on Corrections and Criminal Law on Tuesday. MCCOY joined fellow advocates to ask for an amendment to remove gun possession offenses from the direct file statute.

Unfortunately, legislators chose to vote against this amendment before hearing our powerful testimony. You can watch a recording of the hearing here. (click on March 16 from drop-down menu. HB 1256 was discussed from 43:10 to 2:12:35 of the recording)

We have one more chance to insert this important amendment to HB 1256, and that is when it is up for a second reading before the full Senate Chamber next week! We need your help! Contact your State Senator and ask him or her to support the amendment to HB 1256 that will eliminate the direct file statute for juveniles in Indiana for possession of a firearm!

sample email


Dear Senator ___________,


My name is ___________ and I live in _________, Indiana. I am contacting you to please support amending SB 1256 on its second reading to remove gun possession offenses from the direct file statute. 


Direct file ultimately makes our communities less safe because children placed in the adult system are more likely to recidivate sooner, more often, and in more serious ways.  All gun possession charges for youth under the age of 18  should start in juvenile court, not in adult court, so that age appropriate interventions can be used to keep the young person and the public safe. I want any Hoosier child that interacts with the justice system to receive the proper supervision, education, skills training, and stable adult relationships found through the juvenile justice system in order for rehabilitation, decreased recidivism, and improved public safety.


When it comes to a vote on second reading before the full Senate, please vote to amend SB 1256 to remove gun possession offenses from the direct file statute.




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Juvenile Justice- ACT NOW!

SB 368, "Juvenile Justice" is scheduled for a hearing in the House Committee on Courts and Criminal Code on March 24 at 8:30AM. If passed into law, this bill will ensure children aren't housed in adult jails, establish standards to make sure children are competent to stand trial, and create a system of automatic expungement for juvenile records.

We will be sending members of the House Committee on Courts and Criminal Code our letter of support for this bill and we will be at the State House for public testimony on this bill next week.

Please contact key legislators now and ask them to support SB 368. Click on the link below and contact those legislators in just a few clicks!


Marion County Commission on Youth, Inc.
1375 W. 16th Street  | Indianapolis, Indiana 46202
317-921-1266 | info@mccoyouth.org

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